"My husband wasn’t depressed during Christmas!
 It's the first holiday that I can remember in all the years we've been married.
 I didn't know why he wasn’t depressed and I didn’t want to ask. Then our son told
 me he did a proxy session for his father with MaryAine in early December.
 Three generations finally grieved a tragic death.
 Rapid Eye at Return 2 JOY is   amazing! " - Sue S.

  " What surprisingly wonderful experiences I've had with your RET sessions. 
   You've helped me in dealing the the pain of a lost loved one, both for myself, my Dad
   and his mother, and now dealing with the feelings around the divorce. I found that

    since  the last session I no longer have the feeling of wanting to cry throughout the

   Thank you again. " - G. S.

" As many have experienced, I have felt lost numerous times in my life. Challenges have knocked me down and forced me into temporary holding patterns where I felt like I was treading water in a vast sea.

 My parents divorce after 30 years of marriage thru me a big jab and I was placed on antidepressant. I went off them after 6 months, feeling a little stronger and tired of the side effects and the lack of concern or ambivalence I felt when I was on them.

Another disappointment and a doctor recommended anti anxiety medication so that I could function and go to work.. I did not feel like myself.

A third incident left me feeling completely hopeless. I realized I was still trying to heal from my original wounds that had never really been acknowledged. The RX drugs were a band aid that I allowed myself to use only out of desperation.

I was a mess when I first sought out MaryAine's guidance but immediately felt rejuvenated following our first session.

Several sessions later I had decreased my anti depressant dose to 5 mg from 20 mg and was ready to be done with it all together. At this juncture I felt more empowered than I had in 5 years, for the first time I realized my potential. So MaryAine's tools and information and wise woman objectivity are invaluable. She provided me with an endless amount of self help skills. Without these ongoing experiences with MaryAine I fear that I would be as unstable as ever. Ambivalence is the worst kind of mood in my book and I am far from it now and with the knowledge I have gained from RET." - Y.L.a.grateful client 12/12/07

 Our body memories are always there, just like riding a bicycle. Our body remembers everything it’s been through even though our mind successfully hides… the (traumatic) memory. RET circumvents the mind and goes straight to the body memories and treats them with a physiological therapy." - Cyndi.M.

" A Rapid Eye session is like arriving with ten bags hanging on you and leaving with only three. The experience has never been a stressful one. It’s very subtle and very easy."- A.M.

We were totally devastated when I had my first experience with RET with MaryAine. My daughter found my son nearly dying from a heroin overdose.

" My husband, daughter and I were in shock. My daughter and I received a session at the same time. Immediately after the session, my daughter was able to function and we both worked the next day. It sure helped my family. We have returned individually several times." - C.M.

" The rage is gone. "It's been over a year since his sessions, and he isn't ANGRY anymore."- C.M.

" He said, “It’s been over a year, I feel so much calmer now ”. - J.M.  

Healing From the Inside

 I reached out to MaryAine simply to discuss how to cope with difficult family events. 
This experience became a profound healing for me. I could be released from even caring about the presence of the abuser, and be focused on being in my true role which  was to support my sister and have fun. 

We worked with the feelings in my body allowing them to surface, to release, and to resolve the unconscious emotional patterns in order to return my power.  

 I left feeling completely grounded.  I  felt prepared for the ritual, and
anything that may arise I felt confident that I'd cope with it.

I highly recommend MaryAine's profound healing work.

She changed my life.  J

The Return 2 JOY program healed my long standing issues from being an abused child and adult. I am grateful for the healing this treatment brought me. It allowed me to surface memories, good and bad, to be looked at and healed. I highly recommend anyone looking for resolution of long standing issues to consider Rapid Eye Technology with MaryAine. - Valeta