​Heart Centered Transformation “HCT” is a spiritual dialogue that is a sacred and gentle process, allowing me to help you release emotions that are held deep in the cells of your body. Together we will explore the emotional imprint left from life events that are blocking you from living to your full potential. The heart and mind join to heal and resolve any issues, freeing you to experience a more loving perception of your true self.

The healing includes the individual, family and DNA patterns that are repeated generationally. Resolution happens with the wisdom of the heart bringing new freedom to the whole family lineage and the collective consciousness.

In the words of Heart Centered Therapy founder, Alaya Chikley "HCT is a loving and gentle approach to emotional healing, holding profound insight into the 'Psychology of the Human Heart.' The vision and perspective of the heart has redefined our approach to healing.’

Cranio Sacral and Rejuvenation Massage Therapy

Imagine ninety minutes of pure relaxation.Take the weight off your shoulders and get rejuvenated!

"MaryAiñe makes a difference.

She works out the individual muscle fibers releasing tension especially in the neck, legs and back. Go to the best. She's amazing. Call her today!" Stephanie B.


Massage Therapy can be part of the program or scheduled as your body needs it.

MaryAiñe has honed her skills since 1996 by taking advanced training every year.

Her specialties are in corrective massage that provides rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit.

Cranio Sacral therapy includes Conception,Pregnancy and childbirth massage to help the mama's be more comfortable before, during and after delivery.

The video demonstration and self care process is intended for simple stress and is not intended to replace competent medical or psychological assistance. If you are dealing with physical problems or an emergency, seek qualified medical attention.

What is Rapid Eye Technology?

Rapid Eye Technology or RET helps you to achieve a dramatic rapid emotional transformation, lasting inner peace and healing of core beliefs such as abandonment, lack of self worth, lack of love, addictions and post traumatic stress that hold you back from life. Let us help you feel better about yourself. We’ve been there. We did it and so can you.

Some issues are:   Abuse of all kinds,  Addictions of all kinds, Depression,  Anger, Grief,
 Family and Relationship Patterns.

Any issue that causes stress can be released, the body retrained, and the mind educated to think and react differently through the RET process and the Universal Principles or Skills for Life.

RET consists of essentially two parts:     
Identify and release the stress-causing factors on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level through the structured movement and blinking of the eyes (the RET process).
 Learn and apply new skills for life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to create what we would rather experience in life.


It is the first holiday I can remember that my husband wasn’t depressed during this season in all the years we've been married.

Sue S     

As many have experienced, I have felt lost numerous times in my life. . .. challenges have knocked me down and forced me into temporary holding patterns where I felt like I was treading water in a vast sea. This changes all of it for the better.