Hello Starseed sisters and brothers,

Thank you for coming by my site. I welcome you here.

There are no accidents. You found this site because you've been searching for like minded souls that understand how you feel in this lifetime.

You may feel different from others, not quite fitting in.

Even though you want to fit in, you may have given up due to nastiness from other people. 

So you're looking for your tribe. Your tribe is looking for you. It's time for

us to meet up, show up and facilitate the changes that we came here for.

Our tribe is made up of way-showers, leaders, visionaries, dreamers,

mediums, astrologers, healers, alternative free-thinkers, conscious creators,

holistic therapist, farmers, artist, crafters, musicians, rebels and more.

We grew up feeling like we landed in the wrong family and never did fit in. 

We were considered odd or weird and felt like we were on the outside looking into others happy lives.  

Childhood and adolescent years were hard on us.

We are star shaped beings of Light that do not fit into a square hole.

Schools tried their best to knock off your beautiful points and may have

been successful.

Okay. Now what?  We uncover the hidden, buried talents that are needed now for you to have the success that you long for in your precious life.

"A seed has to push through compacted earth to feel the light of the sun and grow beautifully to a full grown plant."


Your soul is tugging on you to remember the beautiful and courageous Being of Light person that you are.

You came here to Earth, to make a difference.

You may be having dreams, serendipitous meetings and instinctual messages to follow a new path. We are seekers that thrive on knowledge.

We want to know what's really going on. We strive to understand on many levels of the metaphysical and magical to make sense of the world we live in.

How do you trust your self?

Trust, Believe in your Intuition, Practice

The way I've helped others just like you is by releasing the old baggage that

repeatedly says you aren't good enough, smart enough, not _____enough.

We then reframe the old messages to feel and be more empowered and true.

Say these as affirmations and feel your vibration shift.

At first, it may feel awkward.

It becomes natural the more you repeat these statements.

Number 1 Truth=I AM a Precious Being of Love and Light

Number 2 Truth=I AM perfect exactly as I AM.

Number 3 Truth=I have the ability to choose to be anything I desire.

Love is real and true. Love heals. 

Bringing you from where you're at, to where you want to be.

Many blessings,



MaryAiñe Curtis

Transformation Specialist


STRESS RELEASE Self-Care Process

Identify something that is stressing you. Keep it simple - maybe something recent.
While thinking about what is stressing you, gauge how much you feel it on a scale of 0-10 with 0 meaning not at all and 10 meaning totally stressed out.

1. Take three deep breaths, letting each out,all at once in a sigh.

2. Cast your eyes back and forth from ear to ear in a zigzag pattern. 
   Do this until you feel like you really want to blink, about ten times.

3. Blink firmly 3-4 times

4. Take in 3 deep breaths and release, 3 more times. How do you feel?

5. Re-Calibrate your stress level on the scale of 1-10. Do you feel a difference?

For more stressful material, or to do more than this simple process, Contact me. 805-215-8808



Healing the inner child is essential to healing the adult. Let go of the deeply held beliefs that you intend to change. You can emerge  from your current  state and transition into a much happier, healthier and more fulfilled individual.
If you can imagine it for someone else, then we'll help you imagine it for yourself.

Our first phone contact is a thirty minute call to find out what you envision from this program. 

The Return 2 JOY Program gets results and can be equal to four years of traditional therapy  
I suggest the 90 day or the 180 day program depending on your needs.

Working via phone or with google hangouts is a wonderful private option for your healing program.  Come spend a week or two in my Diamond program, and have it all.

Return 2 JOY stress relieving programs are life transforming.​