" MaryAine has the amazing ability to help you get to the "heart of the matter" by asking a series of questions and then helping you release patterns by using R2J methods.

She also gives you tools to practice on a daily basis that empower you to take control of your own issues as they arise.

She is warm, outgoing and non-judgmental and willingly shares her own life experiences and her own very personal transformation." - MLF"

Mind Body Healing


You deserve the best life that you can create.

I reached out to MaryAine simply to discuss how to cope with difficult family events.  She talked about dynamics of surviving extreme abuse.  She raised my consciousness about being pre-occupied with my abuser instead of focusing on the meaning of the event.  I realized I could learn a lot from her insights.  We agreed to begin doing Rapid Eye-Return 2 JOY therapy together.  

She spoke of using this experience as a profound healing for me.  That I could be released of even caring about the presence of the abuser, and be focused on being in my true role which was to support my sister and have fun.  We worked hard in the therapy to dredge up, release, and resolve unconscious emotional patterns in order to return my power.  After the first session, in which I burst into tears nearly just walking in MaryAine's door; I left feeling completely grounded.  It immediately took me off the emotional roller-coaster from the first session onward, a huge relief. 

The wedding did turn into an incredible healing for me.  I  felt prepared for the ritual, and anything that may arise I felt confident that I'd cope with it.

I highly recommend MaryAine's profound healing work. She changed my life.  J

 Discover how much better you can feel.

The Return 2 JOY process is a quantum leap in personal growth and understanding of who you are today. The insights you receive create a new perception of you as a person. Your entire spirit will radiate your beautiful transition as you become a completely capable, empowered,  confident and full of peace.

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MaryAiñe Curtis

,Massage Therapist, Master Rapid Eye Therapy,  visionary,  Emissary of Joy, WELLNESS Guide,

MediatoR, author,

We'll work together discovering what you truly want for yourself as you release the hidden mind/body memories that may cause physical responses to emotional pain.

Healing the reasons for old patterns assists you in releasing unwanted feelings that you've known your entire life.  These old feelings sometimes surface during massage and can be healed.  You deserve a fuller joy filled life, not one that seems so difficult. Mind body healing helps you Return 2 JOY!

Cranio Sacral Therapy, Pregnancy and Rejuvenation Massage Therapies help your body feel it's best. MaryAine works with all ages from birth to golden years.

Clients say: "MaryAiñe makes a difference!"

Experience yourself fullof positive opportunities that enrich you and your families life today.

90% of our clients get immediate results, and say they feel "lighter" after their sessions. Mind-body awakening is natural wellness and the key to inner peace.



Dear MaryAine, As I sit in the airport in AZ., I am feeling so very blessed...and I consider you one of those
blessings.  I have continued tapping and find it, in conjunction with my
"I am" statements, to be extremely comforting and powerful.  
One of my huge successes in January was a trip to the Bay Area. First I boarded a plane in which took me to San Francisco then got on BART to East Bay with no panic...as "I AM" panic-free. Retraining the subconscious mind, however, is a full time job. And of course I've had some bumps along the way. But all in all I'm very very good... putting only love and no blame nor judgement into all my relationships.   I sincerely thank you for the part you've played in my healing. Fondly, C.W.

"Many therapist have one or two skills that are used on everyone. MaryAine has a broad range of skills that can be drawn upon depending on the clients' needs." Tom Tynan, Ireland

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