"In my session with MaryAine, she helped me construct a new daily mantra about money  

 and what it means to me today without the baggage of my past.  She used her Sacred Money   Archetypes™ training to summons my Benevolent Queen, and show me how being an entrepreneurial single mom has kept me in a more masculine place.  I plan to move forward from the session with less worry and stress about the future so I can be in a free feminine space of choice.”

-Kim O’Hara, Book and Story Coach


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MaryAiñe Curtis
 Visionary, Life Mastery Guide, Mediator,

Cranio Sacral Rejuvenation Therapist,
Master Rapid Eye  Therapist,Relationship  Coach, Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, Author,
Emissary of Joy, International Speaker, Workshop Leader,

 " I met MaryAine and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and  

  concepts   regarding her work. She was such a joy to listen to and work with

  I found myself using what we learned in our session immediately and I'm very

  happy with how things are changing for me." – Randy

Take the heartbeat of your relationship with money.

Fill out the form below, email to me, I'll send you the assessment in a pdf. We'll talk when you return the completed forms to me. Put Money in subject line.

  " What surprisingly wonderful experiences I've had with your RET sessions.  

   You've helped me in dealing the the pain of a lost loved one, both for myself, my Dad

   and his mother, and now dealing with the feelings around the divorce. I found that since

   the last session I no longer have the feeling of wanting to cry throughout the day.

   Thank you again. " - G. S.

 This experience became a profound healing for me
 I left feeling completely grounded.  I  felt prepared and

  anything that may arise I felt confident that I'd cope with it.

 I highly recommend MaryAine's profound healing work. She changed my life.  J

The Return 2 JOY process is a quantum leap in personal growth and understanding of  who  you are today. The insights received from your inner wisdom create a new perception of you as a person.

Your entire spirit will radiate your beautiful transformation as you become capable, empowered, confident and full of peace.

Every aspect of your life becomes brighter.  

Dear MaryAine,
As I sit in the airport in AZ., I am feeling so very blessed...
and I consider you one of those blessings.

I have continued tapping and find it, in conjunction with my
"I am" statements, to be extremely comforting and powerful.  
One of my huge successes in January was a trip to the Bay Area. First I boarded a plane in which took me to San Francisco,
then got on BART to East Bay with no panic...as "I AM" panic-free.
I sincerely thank you for the part you've played in my healing. Fondly, C.W.

 " MaryAine has the amazing ability to help you get to the "heart of the matter"

  by asking a series of questions and then helping you release patterns by using the  

  Return2Joy methods.

  She also gives you tools to practice on a daily basis that empower you to take

  control of your own issues as they arise.

  She is warm, outgoing and non-judgmental and willingly shares her own life

  experiences and her own very personal transformation." - MLF"

 "Many therapist have one or two skills that are used on   


  MaryAine has a broad range of skills that can be drawn upon

  depending on the clients' needs."

  Tom Tynan, Ireland

Mind, Body & Soul Healing


You deserve the best that life can create.
90% of our clients get immediate results,
and say they feel "lighter" after their sessions.

Discover what you truly want for yourself as you release the hidden mind/body memories that cause physical responses to emotional pain.

WOMEN Claim YOUR Leadership!

Experience deep, meaningful transformation.

Stand out as successful, confident, and feminine women.

 Grab the courage to shine your Light brightly.

The most wonderful blessing concerning how this process works is you don't have to retell the story. You do not re-traumatize yourself.

Where do you feel the old familiar feelings? Your body and mind connect and re-connect to the same haunting feeling whenever you get anxious or scared. E

We work with these feelings and transform them into your empowerment.

We literally shift the vibration attached to the old belief that you've secretly carried for years. Your scars become your strength!

You can be a phoenix and thrive. Let's do this together. 

Take the leap of faith and change your life for the best.You'll be glad that you walked the  fear that brings out your courage. Take your life and make it shine.

Together, we can heal the wounds and memories, without reliving the story, using the Return 2 JOY process. 

Make decisions from where you want to be.

You deserve a full joy filled life, not one that seems difficult. Let me show you how you can finally heal the hurt that keeps you tethered to the past.  Be the mistress of your destiny.
Clients say: "MaryAiñe makes a difference!"